The video was directed by award winning Bryn Chainey, and sees Vera in a gothically styled bedroom watching her presumed lover sleeping through the reflection of a mirror. As the track builds to the chorus, Vera is seen controlling her sleeping lover through supernatural means, throwing him around the room while repeating the lyrics, “I just want to make you feel dead!”, drawing similarities to the 1976 American horror film ‘Carrie’. The video carries a rather manic quality that makes one fearful of the levels obsession can reach and the consequences it can have.

Regarding the video, Chainey said he wanted to “capture the seductive quality of the song along with its brute force…(and) to find a way to bring together the gothic and modern textures…” With Chianey seeing it as a “supernatural love story.”

Role              Cinematographer
Artist            Vera Blue (Universal Music)
Director        Bryn Chainey